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News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Budget

Arizona Ranks Near Top of States for Transparency of Government Spending

Arizona continues to be a leading state in government spending transparency, according to an annual report by the Arizona PIRG Education Fund. For the second year in a row, Arizona received an A– in the report based on its official state transparency website, OpenBooks.

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Report | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Budget

Following the Money 2012

This report is the Arizona PIRG Education Fund’s third annual ranking of states’ progress toward “Transparency 2.0”—a new standard of comprehensive, one-stop, one-click budget accountability and accessibility. The past year has seen continued progress, with new states providing online access to government spending information and several states pioneering new tools to further expand citizens’ access to spending information and engagement with government.

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Media Hit | Budget

Arizona Republic: Arizona receives top grade for online transparency about state spending

Arizona is one of seven states to receive a top grade for providing online information about government spending. The U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund graded Arizona an A- for its OpenBooks website, maintained by the state Department of Administration.

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News Release | Arizona PIRG | Higher Ed

Students To Congress: Don’t Double Student Debt Rates

With the student loan interest rate about to double this July for almost 8 million loan borrowers, the Arizona Public Interest Research Group (Arizona PIRG) and coalition partners delivered over 130,000 letters to Congress urging a different plan.

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News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Health Care


The rules released today by the federal Department of Health and Human Services put states in the driver’s seat when it comes to setting up new health benefits exchanges. Exchanges are a centerpiece of the federal health reform law, allowing states to create new competitive marketplaces where individuals and small businesses can get a better deal on coverage. The regulations lay out the minimum standards a state will need to meet in order to run their own exchange, but states will need to make many additional decisions to ensure that their exchange serves consumers’ needs.

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News Release | Arizona PIRG | Democracy

The DISCLOSE Act is Introduced in Response to a Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision

Today saw the introduction of the long-awaited legislative reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission.

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News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Safe Energy

Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) Approves Moving Forward with a Gas Utility Energy Efficiency Standard

Today, the Arizona Corporation Commission acted to save consumers and businesses money by approving a Gas Energy Efficiency Rule and Standard.

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News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Democracy

State, Student Leaders Launch 2010 Youth Vote Drive

Secretary of State Ken Bennett, House Majority Leader John McComish and Senate Assistant Minority Leader Rebecca Rios joined today with members of the Arizona Student Vote Coalition in a non-partisan effort to urge Arizona young people to register and vote in the upcoming primary and general elections.

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News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Safe Energy

Arizona PIRG Education Fund Releases Report on Benefits of Building an Energy Efficient Arizona

Today, the Arizona PIRG Education Fund released Building an Energy-Efficient Arizona: Opportunities to Save Money and Reduce Pollution, a report describing Arizona’s current energy portfolio, benefits of a transition to energy efficiency, and successful energy efficiency programs in use across the country.

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News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Safe Energy

Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) Unanimously Approves One of the Strongest Energy Efficiency Standards in the Country

Today, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) acted to save consumers and businesses money by unanimously approving a final Energy Efficiency Standard Rule.

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