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News Release | Arizona PIRG | Higher Ed


Today, the Arizona Public Interest Research Group (Arizona PIRG) joined thousands of college students across the country calling on Congress to stop the biggest student loan cuts in history when the U.S. House of Representatives takes up the issue in early February.

News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Protection

Consumer Group Alerts Shoppers To Hidden Toy Hazards

Hazardous toys continue to be sold in stores across the country, according to the 20th annual toy safety survey released today by the Arizona PIRG Education Fund.

News Release | Arizona PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Protection

New Report Documents Dangerous Chemicals in Baby Products

Toxic chemicals can be found in common baby products, according to a new report released today by the Arizona PIRG Education Fund. “The Right Start: The Need to Eliminate Toxic Chemicals from Baby Products” documents toxic chemicals, including phthalates and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), in teethers, bath books, and sleep accessories.

News Release | Arizona PIRG | Safe Energy

U.S. Senate Hearing on Gasoline Prices Unlikely to Result in Real Relief for Consumers

The Bush Administration and Congress have failed to do their part to protect American consumers from skyrocketing gasoline prices. As a nation, we are facing enormous energy problems that require real leadership and common sense solutions. Today’s hearing is unlikely to result in real relief for consumers since it is dominated by Big Oil and its Administration allies with no representation by public interest consumer organizations.

News Release | Arizona PIRG | Safe Energy

Despite Flawed Federal Policies, States Show Willingness to Move Energy Policy in the Right Direction

In contrast to the misguided federal energy bill signed last week, over 20 states are leading the way toward true energy independence, having passed -- or actively considering -- important clean energy policies. To demonstrate the trend, the State PIRGs released two new reports documenting the progress at the state level on energy policy.


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