The Tucson City Council and Mayor Jonathan Rothschild are leading Arizona toward a cleaner, more energy efficient future.

On Oct. 9, the city's leaders unanimously voted to adopt the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code. The Tucson-Pima County Joint Consolidated Code Committee spent 10 months developing the case for adopting the code, which includes provisions on windows, doors, lighting, cooling and heating systems, and insulation for both commercial and residential buildings.

"We've long advocated for a more energy-efficient Arizona," said Aaron Kane, field associate with Arizona PIRG Education Fund. "We applaud Tucson for taking such a big step in improving energy conservation."

Energy conservation and efficiency are the simplest and easiest steps we can take toward a clean energy future—after all, the cleanest energy is the energy we never use.

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Photo Caption: Cityscape of Tucson, Ariz.

Photo Credit: Public domain via Good Free Photos