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Today’s fuel efficiency standards are saving more than half a million [1] Arizonans money at the pump this Labor Day according to the Consumer Federation of America. The group’s latest research shows that – using today’s gas prices, which are up 13 percent this year – consumers are already saving an average of over $200 a year compared to 2011, the year before the current fuel efficiency standards were put in place.[2]

“Unfortunately, the federal government is currently trying to roll back money saving miles-per-gallon standards, which will increase costs for Arizonans who are traveling for the holidays in the future” said Diane E. Brown, Executive Director of the Arizona PIRG Education Fund.

“This Labor Day, Arizona families are enjoying the safest, most advanced and most fuel efficient new vehicles they’ve ever known, thanks to the current miles-per-gallon standards. It’s insane to backtrack on these immensely popular standards that are saving people money right now,” said Jack Gillis, Executive Director for the Consumer Federation of America and author of The Car Book. “Everyone gets how gas prices work, they go up and they go down, like a roller coaster. People want off the ride. Our nation’s fuel efficiency standards save people money every time they fill up. If the Trump Administration rolls back these standards, and gas prices do what they do best – go up, families will simply end up needlessly paying more at the pump.”

If the nation’s fuel efficiency standards, which car companies, consumer and other advocates agreed to, stay in place, consumers buying a new vehicle in 2025 will save an additional $298 a year in gas costs compared to the proposed rollback. With consumers typically keeping their vehicles for six years, an Arizonan who buys a new vehicle in 2025 will save almost $1,800 in gas costs during those first six years, compared to buyers of a standard vehicle. As gas prices will inevitably rise, these savings will grow even larger.


Fuel Economy Roll Back Would Hit Arizonans Pocketbooks

Model Year

Fleet MPG

Using Today’s Gas Price

Miles Driven

Total Gas Cost

Total Gas Cost 6 Years













Proposed Standard 2020-2026






Current Standard 2025






“Arizonans are voting with their pocketbooks by buying today’s fuel-efficient vehicles in record numbers,” said Brown. “Families and individuals should continue to benefit from standards that are designed to save them money no matter what car they drive, whether it’s a beefy pick-up, a family-sized SUV, or a sporty compact.”

A national survey commissioned by CFA found that increasing federal fuel economy standards for cars and light duty trucks to 42 MPG by 2025 is supported by 79 percent of Americans and opposed by only 18 percent.



[1] Estimated using AAA data.

[2] Based on driving 14,000 miles a year and gas prices at $2.83 per gallon according to AAA.

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