Report: Consumer Protection

COVID-19: Utility Related Recommendations

Released by: Arizona PIRG Education Fund

The services provided by utilities are part of our daily routine. Arizonans use electricity for many purposes including to keep our food and medicine refrigerated, wash and dry our clothes, and charge our computers and phones. Arizonans use gas to cook and warm our homes. Arizonans use water to drink and bathe. Arizonans used telecommunications for work and school and to communicate with family and friends.

For years, many Arizonans have struggled to pay utility bills. Due to the public health warnings associated with COVID-19, many more Arizonans are working from home and taking classes online. Without at least temporary relief and clear communication, Arizonans are likely to face even greater challenges paying utility bills for the foreseeable future.

Although the Arizona Corporation Commission, utilities and non-profits cannot fix the crisis on our own, we can help alleviate at least some of the angst of ratepayers through mitigating reliability, safety and financial concerns and by visibly and frequently communicating the measures underway to protect consumers.

COVID-19 Utility Related provides recommendations for the Arizona Corporation Commission, utilities and consumers and links to recent utility policies. Wildfire and the Arizona PIRG Education Fund are pleased that a number of utilities have proactively instituted policies to help consumers during this challenging time and urge others to follow suit.

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